Chaoticat Gaming

Welcome to Chaoticat Gaming!



We are a Rust PVE gaming community!

The modded PVE server has been created in january 2021, and continuously evolved over time.


How everything began..

Well.. all started with me, Katze, being a total rust noob and joining a random "PVE" Server.

It did not even take one day until i got wiped out by some random guys - and that made me mad and sad.

No support from the server owners either...

So i went and setup a server myself. This should not happen again, never ever, not to me and not to others.

Over time i learned a lot, how to install and setup plugins, figure out performance issues, how to implement and create own maps, and to write tiny plugins myself.

And today we are here..

- a non commercial, player friendly rust pve server

- with focus on a true PVE experience

- lots of content to play

- updates every month, and if required between

- sometimes custom themed events, mostly around easter, halloween, xmas etc..

- here and there new plugins or maps to add new stuff or replace something

- support as much as i can, because i just love doing it!